Founded in 1971, the Glenwood Farm Equipment business specializes in the sale of all types if farm equipment some of which include the augers, carts for grains, track loaders and skid steer, acreage tractors and zero turn movers by Westfield, Brent, Gehl, Mahindra, Bad Boy and Exmark respectively. Aside from these farm equipments, the business further sells a wide selection of rear blades by Bison, bale movers and haying equipment by Work saver and, Forestry products and chippers by Wallenstein. Honda gas engines and Dayton electric motors are similarly sold. Initially, the business started by simply buying and selling both new and new equipment. Today, it has expanded and is now one of the few businesses in the region that has established strong relations with the world's largest and best farm equipment manufacturers.

Glenwood farm equipment similarly sells used augers and Grain Carts manufactured by other companies. And, aside from selling, this family business also offers different servicing of all the above equipment and other equipment as well. This is made possible through the Glenwood farm equipment special department that deals in the stocking of different machinery spare parts, including the ones that are extremely very rare to find. Examples of serving done include filter and oil change, greasing and sharpening of the blades, slip clutches, power take off (PTO) u-joints and gear boxes among others. Servicing may as well be done on roller chain whereby they are custom cut to meet one's own precise specifications. The success of the business has hence been as a result of the vast connections it has with different first class suppliers from different parts of the nation.

Being the key Texas ent specialist Dallas, the Glenwood Farm Equipment ensures that all of her equipment are highly safeguarded. All of the equipments such as Grain Carts are set in a warehouse to ensure that they are entirely protected from the harsh climatic conditions while at the same time, making them easier to access and view. What makes these farm equipments highly unique is that they are very well built, are of extremely high quality hence very reliable. The equipments are hence guaranteed to perform very well and last a long time for they are made using the strongest materials in the industry. In addition to this, the equipment requires minimal maintenance practices. Basically, the only maintenance practice to be done is ensuring that they are stored in a nice place, preferably under a shed or a warehouse. Through these machines, running and maintaining a farm, no matter how large it may be is made easier.

Through its impeccable work, Glenwood Farm Equipment has established concrete relationships with various businesses, industries and applications throughout the region. Most importantly though is that the business also helps both individuals and industries find reliable ways of financing their machinery.

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