Dallas, TX (Press Release – January 30, 2012) For many people, going to the doctor’s office for a case of the flu, a cold or strep throat can be difficult. In many cases, an online medical consultation is the perfect solution for simple medical issues. Ask-the-Dr offers medical consultations to families, individuals and groups about common medical conditions. Licensed board certified doctors are immediately available, without needing to wait for an appointment. Consultations are available via email or telephone and include providing general information and advice or evaluation, diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Who Can Benefit from Ask-the-Dr Services?

Almost anyone who has a medical question or an immediate medical need can benefit from the services of Ask-the-Dr. Often, busy individuals are unable to stop, make an appointment and wait to see a doctor. With Ask-the-Dr services, you can simply pick up the telephone and speak to a qualified doctor immediately.

New parents can also benefit greatly from the services of Ask-the-Dr. If your child is running a fever or has some other immediate health concern you are worried about, you can call the medical providers at Ask-the-Dr and talk directly to a doctor. There is no need to wait until morning or take an unnecessary and expensive trip to the emergency room. The doctors at Ask-the-Dr are available around the clock, 24/7.

Students can also greatly benefit from the services of Ask-the-Dr. Often, students do not have health insurance and cannot afford to go to the doctor, even for minor or common medical issues. Ask-the-Dr provides students with a healthcare option they can afford when they are sick or have health questions.


When Should You Use an Online Doctor?

The services of doctors over the internet is a relatively new phenomenon, but not dissimilar to the old-fashioned services of home visits. You can use over-the-phone medical advice for almost any health-related questions you might have. You can also use the services of Ask-the-Dr if you have a non-emergency medical problem, you are away from home or think you may need to go to the emergency room but are unsure. Ask-the-Dr can also help you with routine prescription refill services.

Ask-the-Dr allows you to get your medical questions answered quickly by a qualified health professional. It is easy and quick to use. You can access the services of Ask-the-Dr around the clock and avoid unnecessary expenses of going to a hospital emergency room. There are no co-pays, office visits or emergency room visits. Ask-the-Dr medical providers can give you quality medical advice, write prescriptions and make treatment recommendations over the phone from the convenience of your own home.

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Ask-the-Dr provides individuals and families with immediate access to U.S.-based, licensed doctors and board-certified specialists, any time of the day or night, via phone, video or secure email.. Ask-the-Dr offers convenient and affordable access to quality physician care. Ask-the-Dr provides its members with convenient access to telephonic and secure online chat with a doctor using telemedicine solutions developed to manage medical conditions through telephone and internet-based applications.  All of our physicians are independently contracted as participating providers in the AmeriDoc Physician Networkâ„ .

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