USA, Texas - Independent filmmakers want to produce high quality films but are generally on a tight budget. They don’t have the backing that the studios have. After all, nobody sets out to make a bad film, but it happens sometimes just because the budget is not there.

CineUltima is helping the Indy film maker, by offering high quality cinematographic equipment and services  to digital filmmakers and videographers around the world.

Low cost cinema accessories for independent filmmakers and budget conscious moviemakers, has a big appeal because it leaves more budget for a higher quality film, This is without sacrificing the appearance of the movie as a low budget production.

CineUltima is always looking at the upcoming needs of today’s budget conscious filmmakers, to bring them the latest in technology and advances in the film industry.

The latest find is the PROAIM DSLR Kit-10(C)

The Proaim Kit-20(C) Shoulder Rig Cage follow focus sunshade bundle fr 5D Mark II 7d t2i z1u hvx200 xm1

The PROAIM™ Kit-20(C), is comparising of 9" Cage, shoulder rig, follow focus and matte box developed with many featuers that enables the dslr users to get different kind of shots to make commercial and professional movies at a very lower cost. The aim of this kit is to provide the operator maximum flexibility while outdoor and indoor shootings. It is very portable kit having total weight only 10.5 lbs. it is a handy kit, can be used handheld, on shoulder as well as on tripod... You can mount the whole kit on tripod without disturbing any part of the kit.... When you use this kit, you come to know how useful this kit for your videos.

CineUltima is offering this package at a special price for the independent filmmakers, there are many other accessories and equipment to keep the production on budget without lowering production value.  

To get more information on the Proaim Kit-20(C) Shoulder Rig, and other equipment visit,

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